BCC Campaign for Plastic Waste Management
Awareness for RWS
Awareness prog. for school going children
Mobile Awareness Campaign
Ensuring Irrigation for Farm based Activities
Officials visiting to the demonstration farm
Cultivation of Paddy
Banana cultivation
Livelihood support through fishing
Livelihood support through poultry
Orienting for duck rearing
Promotion of goat rearing
Orientation in tailoring
Training on mobile repairing
Promotion of goat rearing
Channelizing water to Farm Land
Ingredients for production of smokeless briquette
Briquette producing units
Packaging of briquettes from Industrial waste
Setting-up of briquette making unit
Staff orientation for Survey
Conference participation
Conducting FGD
Orientation to beneficiaries
Field team with IEG officials
FGD (Focus Group Discussion)
Discussion with Survey team
Interview for Health Prog. evaluation
Evaluation of child health
Witnessing MWH Center
Interview for health evaluator
Visiting health center for evaluation
Assessment of children's learning
Evaluation of classroom observation
Assessment of School Environment management
Assessment of School Environment management
Vaccination Campaign
UNDP, RAC officials & Transgender persons at the Vaccination Center
Vaccination to Transgender to withstand COVID
Vaccination to Transgender to withstand COVID