Research & Evaluation

Research and Evaluation

Mere implementation of a programme is not the end. Impact assessment plays a vital role to ascertain the degree of benefit of a programme for the target mass. Feedback must be taken. Research, evaluation and assessment studies are the measuring rods for each implemented programmes. Progress and development can be analysed by the help of various tools. For development programmes, action research is valuable. Whether change in policy is needed or not can be gauged. It is essential that such studies and surveys must be undertaken with accuracy and scientific research methods. RAC is well-versed with such research work..

A number of trained and dedicated investigators are associated with it. Under the purview of Research, RAC undertakes the assignments like, preparation of Research Tools, Orientation Training, Pre-testing, Field survey, Data editing, analysis & tabulation and preparation of Reports etc Besides, at times Focus Group Discussions (FGD) and PRA( Rural Appraisal) exercises are also carried out. RAC has been recognized as a networking organization for agencies like NCAER (National Council of Applied Economic Research),New Delhi, EIT of Kolkata and other National agencies.