About Us

Background :

The Research & Analysis Consultants ( RAC) is a registered Organisation formed  and managed by a group of highly qualified experts of repute from different walks of life with positive commitments. It offers a forum for an empirical and analytical approach to various socio-economic, health, education, demographic and rehabilitation & resettlement issues at different levels with scientific approach. 

 Apart from these multi-disciplinary research projects, the organization also undertakes different innovative action plans for development in the field of agriculture & allied activities , health & sanitation, literacy & education, environment protection, livelihood support, EDP training for sustenance and CSR programmes etc. At present RAC is a member in the State Youth Welfare Board.

Association :

To take up these projects the RAC has been associated with different agencies, (National & International, Government and Non-government) at different times. To name a few, Ministries of Govt. of India : Home Affairs, Welfare, Social Justice & Empowerment, Tribal Affairs, HRD, Dptt. of Science and Technology, Planning Commission etc. Depts. of Govt. of Orissa :  Health & Family Welfare, Industries, Orissa Primary Education Programme Authority, Orissa Health System Development Project, National rural Health Mission- Orissa, ORSAC,OXFAM India, NCAER,New Delhi,EIT,Kolkata, European Commission assisted, BPCL, UNDP-GEF-SGP-CEE, Andheri Hilfe Bonn, Germany, Health & Happiness International, USA etc. IEG-CMI, Norway, Functional Vocational Training & Research Society (FVTRS) etc.

Registration :

This body has been formally registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 in the year 1993. It has a FCRA No. because of its registration under Foreign Contributions Regulation Act. The RAC is exempted under Income Tax due to its registration under section 12AA (2) of the IT Act.

Objectives :

i. To develop an association for promotion of action oriented developmental programmes for the welfare of the mass.
ii. To run welfare activities/programmes such as destitute homes, old age homes/hostels etc.
iii. To conduct and organise welfare activities on subjects like Health, Education, Training on IGP, Nutrition and other relevant action and training programmes.
iv. To impart consultation and organise workshops or seminars on different subjects of relevance.
v. To undertake multi-disciplinary research projects and Evaluation programmes.
vi. To take up programmes on Rural Development Welfare of Backward communities and areas environmental protection, drug de-addition, rehabilitation of handicapped and urban poor and upliftment of women & Children etc.

Activities :

i. Social Research Evaluation and Studies.
ii. Innovative Action Programmes for Development.
iii. Rehabilitation action plans for sustainable development.
iv. Entrepreneurship Development Training Programmes for the sustenance of unemployed youths.
v. Motivational campaigns and Awareness Programmes.

Capability Of The Organization :

As an NGO the RAC is being manned and managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants. Besides, it has also been enriched by a 50 pannel (field staff) from different faculties those who render their services to the organization as and when required.

Project Set up :


Head Office :

Dr. S. R. Mania, Secretary

Research & Analysis Consultants (RAC)

Plot No-216-A, Sahid Nagar


Registered Address-

Plot no-286,

Unit-3 Bhubaneswar

Phone : (0674)-2545186 / 6574709

Phone : 9437017630 (M)


Project Office : I

Mr. Babrubahan Samantray,

Project Coordinator ,RAC

DD College Road

Baniapat, Keonjhar

Phone : 9438388960 (M)


Project Office : II

Mr. Prafulla Kumar Behera,

Project Coordinator

Kankada, Karanjia, Mayurbhanj

Phone : 9937347343 (M)


Project Office : III

Mr.Artatrana. Sethi,

Project Coordinator ,RAC


Phone : 9777044429(M)


Organizational Structure :

Associates of RAC


Dr. A.Mahapatra              

 M.Sc. M.Phil,Ph.D. (Anthropology)                      

Dr. G.S.Das                   

Director of  Ph.D. (Economics), Retd.Public Instruction Higher Education, Govt. of Orissa.

Mr. Anand Kumar Patnaik

 B.Sc.Eng.ME(PH),MIE & Fellowship Retd. Chief Engineer RWS&S, Govt. of Orissa                       

Dr.(Mrs.) N.Mohapatra               

M.Sc.,Ph.D., (Medical Entomology)                                

Mr. P.K.Mania               

M.Sc., Ag.Retd. Deputy Director Agriculture.



Dr. Anita Dash                 

 M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. (Sociology)

Dr. S.P.Mishra                   

M.B.B.S., M.D.,(O & G )


M.A. Ph.D. (Sociology)


B.Sc., Engg., PGDM.                                         


M.D. (Medicine)


 Ph.D. (Anthropology)                      

Dr. K.N.Das                       

Ph.D., (Economics)                                    


Retd. Chief Executive, (Orissa Remote Sensing Application Centre)

Dr.( Mrs.) Pravati Mahapatra: 

M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D., (Life Science)          

Mr.S. Lenka                          

M.A, Expert in Banking        

Dr. Brundaban Mishra          

M.Sc. Ag., Ph.D.     


M.Sc., Agriculture. (Horticulture)        

Dr. A.K.Roy                        

M.Sc. (Stat.) Ph.D. Sociology

Er.Anand Patnaik                 

B.Sc.(Engineering), ME (PH)

Pravat Kar                            


Mrs. Ramamani Sundar           

M.A. Economics in Delhi School of Economics


Chartered Accountant

Dr. B.B.Hota            

M.Sc. (Demography)

Our experts are from different fields such as   Anthropology, Sociology, Economics, Political Science specialized in Research methodology, Health, Agriculture, Horticulture, Life science, Remote sensing, Geography, Management, Engineering, Statistics, Demography, Environmental Science, Rural Water supply & Sanitation etc.



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